RICHARD MISRACH (* 1949) - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 1999



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Dimensions : 101,6 x 127 cm
Photographer : RICHARD MISRACH (* 1949)
RICHARD MISRACH (* 1949) - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 1999

Dye Coupler Print, framed

101,6 x 127 cm

Signed, titled, dated and numbered by the photographer on the reverse, edition no. 1/3

LITERATURE Richard Misrach, Golden Gate, New York 2015, s.p.

In 1997, Richard Misrach began his three-year Golden Gate project, for which he photographed San Francisco Bay from his front porch at all times of day, night and year with his 8 x 10 camera. Within this constant frame, where the subject and framing remain the same for each shot, he creates images with an amazing range of weather, light and color changes. Each of his shots allows us to see what is actually an over-photographed subject in a new light. Ultimately, they all - even the completely abstract shots that show only air, color, and light - bear witness to a verifiable truth: at that moment, it really did look that way. Richard Misrach shows himself first and foremost as a documentarist; the theme of continuity also plays a major role in his earlier series of cloudscapes and desert photographs. His large-format analog prints testify to a sensitivity to material, light, and color that is unparalleled in contemporary photography.

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