Leica MP2 black paint outfit *


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Product number: A00589
Starting Price €400,000
Estimate €700,000 – 800,000
serial number : 935509
Condition : A/B
Manufacture Year : 1958
Leica MP2 black paint outfit *

The MP2 is a modified, professional version of the Leica M2, equipped with a special electric motor drive. It was produced in a test series of only 27 examples, of which only 6 (with serial numbers 935507-935512) were finished in black paint, making it one of the rarest Leicas known to exist. The camera body is similar to an early standard M2 camera with a button rewind knob. All connections to the Leica Motor are on the base of the camera; the only external feature (aside from special engraving) is a unique control ring surrounding the shutter release. This ring turns the motor off to prevent battery drain when the camera is not in use. The MP2 Motor was capable of capturing 3.5 pictures per second and includes an electric coupling with the shutter release, as well as a mechanical connection to the film-guide roller for film transport and shutter cocking. The MP2 Motor is only 40mm high, making it not only more compact but also technically more advanced than the New York Motor. However, the inconvenience of the external battery pack meant that the NY Motor was chosen for serial production.

Included in this lot is a battery grip with a diameter of 35mm and a height of 122mm, a second, smaller battery pack (missing its lid), a prototype control box measuring 75x40mm in size finished in red plastic with a switch for single and continuous exposures, a prototype charger, a unique photoelectric sensor designed for automatic shutter release, and a Summaron 3.5/3.5cm lens (no. 1288966). Only 15 MP2 cameras are known to exist, with around half of them complete with the original Leica Motor and battery pack. The offered outfit is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable artifacts from the history of Leica!