Leica M4 black paint outfit 'Ralph Nelson' *


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Produktnummer: A00423
Startpreis 20.000 €
Schätzpreis 40.000 € – 45.000
Seriennummer : 1247816 + 1247817
Jahr : 1970
Zustand : B+
Leica M4 black paint outfit 'Ralph Nelson' *

Two black paint M4 cameras with consecutive numbers 1247816 and 1247817 owned and used by famous photographer Ralph Nelson. Nelson carried both of these cameras on dozens of Major Hollywood sets, including such Oscar-nominated titles as 'Frost/Nixon', 'The Green Mile', 'As Good As It Gets', as well as the 'Back to the Future' trilogy. This photographic outfit includes also a Summicron 2/35mm no.2394600, Summicron 2/50mm no.2350952 (both with hoods), Spectra Professional light meter, a unique, custom made leather belt with holsters for two cameras and a light meter, extensive paperwork including ordering letters mentioning the cameras and lenses, original purchase bill from 1970, various instructions and brochures. Included in this impressive set is a collection of 36 signed contact print sheets from various productions, and seven high-quality 20x26cm signed prints from the 'Back to the Future'

Nelson, a veteran motion picture still photographer born in Americus, GA in
1946, has spent over forty years as one of the film industry's most respected
photographers. He began his career as a photojournalist, later becoming the
first staff photographer for ABC. Inspired by Ernst Haas, he values simplicity
and elegant composition.
his illustrious career, Nelson documented iconic films like "Top Gun"
and "Star Wars." He's received prestigious awards, including the 2005
Publicists Guild Award and the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society
of Camera Operators. He's also an Honorary Member of the Society of Motion
Picture Still Photographers.
photography not only captures cinematic moments but also serves as a historical
record of Hollywood's most beloved films. His work provides a timeless glimpse
into the magic and artistry of the silver screen.